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My name is Marco Porrà; I was born in Sardinia in August 1987.
Since my childhood I’ve been in love with music: I took piano lessons and I used to sing.
I had my first guitar at the age of 12; after many years of praticting  and many different bands, I started my main band project.
My punk- rock  band was called Wallcrush; this experience has been going on for 10 amazing years.
We recorded three records of our own music, we did a lot of gigs, made videos and won contests.
In the meantime, I continued my development.

In 2013 I took my degree in Electronic Music, (MNT) at the Conservatory in my own town, Cagliari, discovering the passion for mixing and producing.

In 2014 I started working with my videomaker and friend Sebastiano Olla on a lot of student videos; I also composed the soundtrack of his Indipendent movie “Kidney and Apple”.

In 2015 I discovered some royalty-free companies, and I begun to create my portfolio, creating almost 100 instrumentals in various genres including Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Relaxed, Latin, Electronic, Hip Hop.
I made hundreds of downloads from all over the world, I started connecting with clients from India, New York, Los Angeles.

In 2017  the MPM project takes form: I started my own recording studio, working with artists and creating very personal beats.

2018 is the year of MPM side projects; Kimo Shabi (Meditation, Downtempo,Electronic) and Virgo’s Revenge (EDM) born as side projects which appears on Spotify.

2019 is the year of the new artistic side of the project.
For the business side: Marco Porrà Music Producer
For the artistic side: My Poison’s Mark Producer; this time he’s putting his face, his voice, all of his skills.
The goal is to create something personal, mixing all the previous experiences, doing a crossover between fast-punk rock rhythms and modern sounds and arrangements.