Hi, this is Marco.
I compose music in many genres.
Have a listen!


Hi! This is Marco, or MPM Producer if you want to be super professional.
I made a lot of day jobs pretending I was liking what I was doing, but if you’re here you know why I’m in this world for real.
While I was making my studies and experiences in music, I worked in a cinema, a few restaurants, on rooftops, on airplanes…
What am I supposed to do, to work on spaceships as a next step??
Hell no, MUSIC is my spaceship.
Musically speaking, I’ve been in a lot of music positions: band frontman, jingle composer, music maker for videos, artist helper, international super famous rockstar…

Well, maybe not all of these were true, but I made a lot of stuff for sure, for various and different marketplaces.

I did music for videomakers, music supervisors, artists, libraries and small brands.

If you like what you hear, let’s take a coffee and see what we can do together.

That’s all for the bright side…

…can’t still find what you’re looking for?

ALL of this and MORE can be done for YOU, with patience and passion, in order to achieve a great result. Like the idea?

Hit me up and let’s make something cool!

Mail: mpmcomposer@gmail.com

Skype: @porrazzodinuovo

I’m glad to have you still here.
Welcome to my dark side.
Here’s the truth:
I make music for others by day, and I make my own music by night.

Here we have three artistic projects that I take care of:

MPM Producer

(New Punk Rock)

Kimo Shabi

(Music for Focus)

Virgo’s Revenge